We don’t need a bottle of anti-aging cream because we have a program on Ward’s Island; three programs in St. Jamestown that are a breath of fresh air for Toronto Community Housing residents, and a hub of activity at our central location at Yonge and Bloor. An inner glow shines from the faces of seniors as they share a home-cooked meal with their friends, when they finish a work-out at our feisty fitness class, and as they enjoy the ferry ride home after a fun-filled day at Camp Sunshine on Ward’s Island.What makes Sunshine Centres so special? It might be a ray of sunshine dappling over our programs, or our welcoming atmosphere where seniors from all walks of life find friends and community. Whether you call it a seniors’ social, recreational and health promotion program; a multicultural and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender friendly atmosphere; or a fun place to volunteer – it’s always a great place to be!

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